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5 Study Habits You Need to Adopt in University Student Apartments

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university student apartmentsCampus life in our university student apartments offers new challenges in academic self-discipline. Keeping that GPA above a healthy 3.0 requires three simple activities: study, study, and…Well, you know the last one.

Plan on spending 2 to 3 hours outside class time for every credit hour you take on. That’s 6 to 9 hours for each class. If you take a full credit load of 15 hours, you’ll need to spend between 30 and 45 hours studying each week. So you’ve got some time budgeting to work out, and you’ll need to hone your study habits to get the most out of the time you put in.

What is your learning style?

Go to to see what your dominant method of learning is. Whether you are a visual, verbal or aural learner–or a mix of others–how thoroughly you absorb and retain information is influenced by your preparation, organization and prioritization.

Here are 5 tips to help you optimize your studying in university student apartments:

1. Organize your class materials.

Replace that messy binder or cluttered backpack with neatly organized, separate folders. Keep your class syllabi and study guides up front and allocate a separate location for your class notes and homework. Staying organized will refocus your studying time from searching for assignment instructions, etc., to focusing on the subject matter.

2.  Develop good note-taking habits.

Simply writing something down imprints the information. You’ll stay engaged in class lecture and stay focused in your reading if you take notes faithfully. Take advantage of your notes by reviewing them just before your study session.

3. Set specific study goals.

Goal-directed studying is far more effective than random review. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish during each study session. Set a session goal that supports your overall academic goal for the course. Concentrate on the things that give you the most trouble.

4.  Study your most difficult subject first.

If that Biology class is stumping you with its arcane vocabulary and technical illustrations, put it to the head of the line for your study session. Saving the easier classes for later means you have the most difficult work out of the way. Your overall academic performance will be far more effective.

5. Work with a study partner.

Working with a study partner in university student apartments can double your effectiveness in studying, improve your academic performance, minimize test anxiety, and remove much of the boredom and monotony of studying alone. Likewise, joining a peer study group in at university student apartments can help reduce the overwhelming workload of school assignments.

Finally, there is one important reason to study effectively:  If you study with minimum distractions, pay attention to diet and exercise and maintain a relaxed state of mind, your brain will do the rest. There is a subconscious process that occurs where the information is ready for access–because you studied. Relax. You’re living in our comfortable, student-friendly university student apartments. If you study the right way, the good grades will come.

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