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Choosing Between Student Apartment Rentals and Crowded Campus Dorm Life

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student apartment rentalsIf you are not going to live at home during your college years, you’ll need to decide between dorm living or student apartment rentals. Perhaps the idea of living on campus in the collegial collective of your fellow students might be appealing. After all, you’re on or very near your campus and getting to class is easy. You also get to know your fellow students, and finding study partners lightens the study load.

However, if you’re interested in firsthand anecdotes about the pitfalls of college dorm living, just use the Google search phrase “disadvantages of college dorm living,” and sample the 150,000+ hits on the subject. You will find the following 5 common themes–either narrative/first hand or unbiased offerings:

1. College dorm living can be barracks-like.

Students share communal bathrooms, laundry rooms, living areas, and often sleeping areas. A gathering of students from a variety of backgrounds can result in problems of hygiene or differences in body rhythms in waking and sleeping. One or two inconsiderate dorm residents can spoil everyone’s comfort and lead to conflict and tensions.

2. Most dorm living accommodations are small.

Plan on spending your school year in just one room adorned with the most basic of furniture and a personal closet. Don’t look for room for all your belongings. If you get a roommate whose housekeeping skills or values are different from yours, the space can seem even smaller.

3. You can expect little or no privacy.

Small accommodations with at least one roommate mean you’ll hear or have to share every snore, smell every bodily odor and cell phone call. If your roommate has lots of guests, they will also be your guests. So, if you love privacy, dorm life may be quite a challenge for you.

4. Dorm life can be constantly noisy, distracting and not conducive to study.

Loud music, partying and the social temptations can lure you from completing that reading assignment or starting on that paper. It is just human nature to want to join in the fun, and there’s always something going on in the dorm.

5. Your life will be more regulated.

Incoming freshmen can expect specific room assignments with not much, if any, choice in location. The list of prohibited items–cooking appliances, electric heaters, halogen lights, etc.– is typically long and the assigned resident assistant, or RA, will live in the dorm and be the enforcer.

When the dorm closes down…

Finally, when school breaks, the dorm frequently shuts down. You may be able to leave your belongings in the dorm, but you won’t be allowed access to your room.

On the other hand, you may want to look into our upscale offerings in student apartment rentals. We know you’ll be impressed with the privacy, comfort and student-oriented environment of the best off-campus living choice in New York.

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