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Why Pet Owner College Students Thrive In Our Pet Friendly Apartments

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pet friendly apartmentsThe biggest advantages of living off-campus in our pet friendly apartments are that you live off campus and we allow pets. That sentence may be a tautology, but it is not necessarily a useless repetition. When you consider the benefits of having your beloved pet accompany you through your busy and stressful college days, and accompany that with having your own off-campus sanctuary, the tautology becomes doubly enticing.

Consider these advantages of being adopted by a pet

Cat lovers recognize that the above heading, i.e., “being adopted by,” is apropos. Cats adopt you; you don’t own them. They make you feel honored by their crumbs of attention and affectionate snuggling.

On the other hand, if you’re a dog person, you know that the statement “if you want some respect, get a dog,” is true. Dogs are nature’s emotional human mimics. They know when that upcoming exam is stressing you out. They plead with their eyes, “Come on. Let’s go for a walk.”

In any case, pet “ownership” in general has well-known psychological and health benefits for college students:

According to the American Psychological Association:

  • Pets can be “important sources of social and emotional support” for everyone, not just people facing serious health challenges.
  • Pet owners tend to be as close to their pets as to key people in their lives. Pets can be a vital connection between lonely, homesick students and emotional sustenance of their families.
  • Pet owners fare better in terms of self-esteem, physical fitness, and adjustment to new surroundings.

The APA study also found that pet owners were more conscientious, were “more extraverted, tended to be less fearful and less preoccupied than non-owners.”  One study of 97 undergraduate students, average age 19, found that thinking about pets ranked equally with thinking about friends after experiencing rejection.

And from the University of Pennsylvania Newsletter, The Benefits of Pet Ownership:

Pet owners meet new people quickly

Second only to pushing a baby around in a stroller, having a pet is a great social icebreaker. No introductions needed, just “Aww, isn’t that dog cute!” Having that dog on a leash bypasses normal social conventions involving introductions and getting to know someone better before conversation can flourish.

Pets keep you calm

Having that adorable pooch or affectionate cat around just improves your mood and psychological wellbeing.  The simple act of petting a dog or cat raises levels of the good chemicals in your system that rush to your brain to make you more relaxed and calm.

Pet owners get more exercise

As a pet owner you are more likely to meet your daily exercise requirement than non-owners. For example, you must walk your dog at least once a day while s/he sniffs those secret odors and heeds the call of nature.  Other studies show that pet owners tend to have better cardiovascular health– lower cholesterol and triglycerides in their bloodstream with lower blood pressure in stressful situations.

So does owning a pet mean you can have an extra slice of that double-cheeseburger deep pan pizza? Maybe. But be sure to add a few blocks to your next neighborhood stroll near our pet friendly apartments the next time you walk your dog.  If you’re a cat person, you might want to go for half a slice.

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