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Hitched Couples Get the Most Out of College in Married Student Housing

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married student housingWhile most college students are hooking up on the dance floor… a small number of students are doing something really counter-cultural — they’re getting married before they graduate…Saying ‘I do’ while studying at the ‘U,’  by Stephanie Steinberg

Married couples are a definite minority of the overall population of students. When they live in married student housing, they can expect a unique college experience. At less than 10 percent of all college students, married couples have, for better or worse, taken on additional challenges and an extra personal commitment. But there are perks.

Married Student Financial Aid Perks

There are, courtesy of the federal government, benefits that accompany married status. In the financial aid realm, for example, your income will be coupled with your spouse’s in the computation mix. However, your parents’ incomes are not. When you fill out your application for federal student aid, this can be a huge benefit and open the door to increased loan eligibility.

Scholarships and Grants, Too

According to, financial aid for married students can come from federal–Pell, FSEOG, and TEACH–grants. There are likewise a number of private sector grants and scholarships available to married students. Check with your financial aid and scholarships office for details.

An Ideal Roommate of Your Choice with Married Student Housing

Most single students have assigned roommates, and compatibility may be an issue. Married students, on the other hand, get to room with their best friends for life. The stressful college experience becomes far more personal as both parties are invested in outcome and share a life experience.

How Married Student Life Can Be a Leg Up

The aforementioned sharing, by the way, can be the foundation of a successful post-grad married life. In fact, according to this MarketWatch piece:

If you want to get married and stay married, it helps to have a college education. In fact, government research finds that those without college degrees are 10 percentage points more likely to divorce.

The reasons, according to sociologists, have to do with simple economics. Couples who are well educated get higher paying and more stable jobs.

Finding an Apartment in New York City: Bypassing the Hassle

Our apartment living for married students has all the benefits, but none of the headaches of maintaining a place off campus. If you have heard that hunting for an apartment in New York City can be a most frustrating and unpredictable process for a young married couple, you haven’t considered three other descriptors: stressful, frightening, and unpredictable.  Manhattan married student housing facilities are the instant solution to the aforementioned problems, plus they come with amenities that allow you and your spouse to get on with your work in college and your new marriage.

Give us a call for Married Student Housing

So if you are part of that unique married minority, you’ll enjoy both the conjugal perks and housekeeping in the Manhattan Student Residence. Contact us for additional information on our married student housing options or give us a call to schedule a guided tour.

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