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Luxury Student Housing Is Your HQ For the Best Academic Research Sites

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luxury student housingA great advantage to living in our luxury student housing accommodations is its student-friendly and social atmosphere. There is, however, one repeating task in your undergraduate academic years that is challenging, independent and solitary: writing research papers.

Writing is the final stage; research comes first.

You can’t even begin writing the research paper until you get everything together, and that “everything” is your list of sources. Then you must read, cogitate and cull the nuggets of data, quotes and facts and arrange them in the syntax that are the bones of your research paper. You provide the meat with the writing that comes later.

Finding credible sources

Once your instructor has approved your research topic and you have decided on a thesis for your paper, you must begin your quest for resources that support your thesis and facts that add relevance and credibility to your topic. What makes a resource credible? Read this piece on the Columbia College webpage and judge for yourself.

Finding peer-reviewed resources typically begins with a face-to-face encounter with your local reference librarian. Sometimes, but not always, you can check out reference material–journals, academic papers, etc.

Or you can fire up that laptop in the comfort of our luxury student¬†housing and use the Internet for it what it was originally designed to do–academic research.

The Web is a mess.

Again, the problem is finding credible resources on line in the chaos and tremendous amount of information out there. For example, say you’re writing a paper on Native American history. Your thesis is that there was a consistent trend of the U.S. Government’s violating treaties. You enter the search words “Native American treaty violations” and Google gives you 465,000 hits, Yahoo 224,000, and Bing 239,000.

You get the picture, but by now you’re definitely on overload. So where can you go online to ramp up the credibility, but narrow down the volume? Here are two suggestions you can use in the comfort of your luxury student housing. One is free to students, the other a paid web subscription:

Columbia University Libraries

Undergraduate students can access Columbia’s vast collections and research support services. Contact Anice Mills, your Undergraduate Services Librarian, and let her know what you need in gathering sources for your research paper.

The Questia online Library

Questia is a subscription service for both teachers and students. The service concentrates on writing research papers for a wide variety of academic areas. Researchers can access over 83,000 copyrighted books, and 10 million academic articles. It even pulls your highlighted quotes from the online research and writes your citations and bibliography for you. For more details, read the Education World Questia site review.

Get to work in your luxury student housing!

The Manhattan Student Living luxury student housing complex provides the ideal environment for that lonely task of research paper writing. You will undoubtedly write many papers during your college years, and after the first two–trust us on this one–it does get easier.

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