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International Student Housing Is a Great Alternative for Visiting Students

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international student housingThe good news–or buena noticia, if you are an undergraduate student in Madrid–is that the Visiting Student Program at Columbia College is now accepting applications for the spring and fall admission. If you are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program outside the United States, you are eligible to apply.  Visiting foreign students will undoubtedly be interested in their international student housing options.

Which brings up the not-so-good news: According to the source cited above, student housing “is not guaranteed for Visiting Students.” Even though the admission folks say, “We will try our best to accommodate students who indicate a desire to live on campus,” the crowded, noisy campus dormitory life may be a step or two beyond an ideal cultural immersion experience.

Manhattan Students Have Better Options For International Student Housing

The optimum international student housing experience should be closer to living in a nice apartment, rather than the barracks-like ambiance of on-campus residency.   (See our September 7, 2015, blog, Choosing Between Student Apartment Rentals and Crowded Campus Dorm Life.)

In addition to not having to vacate your quarters during school breaks, there are other benefits for visiting students staying in our international student housing:

Easing In To The New American Learning Experience In International Student Housing

One U.S. News & World Report Education article cites a triad of difficulties faced by international students:

  • New assignments–research papers with citations, for example, will be a daunting task for students whose writing and research assignments never included APA, MLA or Chicago protocols.
  • New teachers, who prefer to collaborate and encourage more participation from students, can be perplexing to a visiting student. The international student is likely to regard the teacher as an authoritarian figure.
  • New subjects, particularly in general education classes, could be a surprise to a student who expected to focus an academic specialty from day one.

Avoiding the background noise of a hectic dorm and substituting the peace and quiet of a private apartment in international student housing is the ideal way to decompress and transition–and make new friends in relaxed surroundings.

Avoiding the tempting weight gain

The above-mentioned U.S. News & World Report notes that weight gain “is relatively common among new college students who aren’t accustomed to daily meals at buffets.”  If the first step in avoiding temptation is to stay away from it, the visiting college student living in international student housing has a private kitchen to help stay on the path of a healthy diet and weight control. See our September 16, 2015, blog for suggestions in avoiding college weight gain.

Looking for digs in the Big Apple?

That’s slang for “a place to live in New York.” If you plan to come to New York as an exchange or visiting student and would rather live in a spacious one- or two-bedroom apartment, check us out!

And, as they also say in Mexico City: ¡Bienvenido!

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