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How to Find Off Campus Housing: Look for the Best Study and Social Environment

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how to find off campus housingWant to know how to find off campus housing? Look for a place that promotes both a vibrant social and study environment. The latter can be in the privacy of your own separate apartment, or you might want to reach out and form or join a study group.

Why form a study group?

Perhaps your learning style doesn’t mesh with an instructor, and you’re just not getting the material. We all want that 4.0 GPA, but often a B will do if it is in a subject that you hate with the intensity of a thousand suns. Often a study group with students of different abilities, but with the same motivation will help you get past the rough spots and salvage your grade.

Study groups won’t work if…

Study groups fail if they consist of fewer than 3 or more than 5 people. The former results in insufficient combined brain power, the latter in too many distractions. Study groups also won’t work if everyone just sits around reading or only rehashes material already covered in class.

A study group works best when…

Schedule your study group at a regular time, at least once a week, and always convene the sessions after the instructor has presented the material in class. Design a session structure, and use the time for answering questions and clearing up any confusion.

Prevent mooching

There are those who might use your study group to take advantage of the work of others. To avoid being someone’s group version of SparkNotes, insist that every member contribute something and at least try to answer questions.

Test preps are the real value of study groups

Study groups that concentrate on the class study guide and scoop test material from the text can prevent surprises on the day of the actual test. Part of every study group session, therefore, should be devoted to mock quizzes. The group should agree that everyone brings at least two questions from the previous lecture session.

A relaxed and comfortable study environment is key

Again, if you want to know how to find off campus housing, look for an environment that is completely different from a traditional student dorm. The latter is student centered, but only to the extent that students reside there. The learning environment is what you make of it, and — for reasons of noise and space restrictions — the campus library might not be the optimum place to convene a study group.

At the Manhattan Student Residence you will find a total student-centered social and study environment. Set up your study group and convene it in one of our study rooms. Keep that GPA propped up, and ace that upcoming test. Then relax and bask in the glow of your hard work and accomplishments. You have a productive and memorable college career ahead, and we’re happy to be here for you.

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