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Try These Stress Releasing Exercises in Our Furnished Apartments for Rent

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furnished apartments for rentTest anxiety getting you down? Is that pile of homework and study mounting getting on top of you? Before you throw in the towel, try these stress-releasing activities and exercises in our furnished apartments for rent.

Combine Exercise With Studying In Our Furnished Apartments for Rent

If your academic life is becoming a treadmill where you seem to be just walking in place, find an actual gym treadmill and combine its exercise with study in one of our furnished apartments for rent. Podcasts and audio books are ideal exercise mates. Also, you can join a friend and quiz each other for that upcoming exam.

Walk It Off

You don’t have to be in buff condition to participate in the most effective and low-impact exercise. Walking can relieve stress, boost your mental sharpness, heighten your mood and reduce stress. One 2011 study showed that adults who walk 40 minutes a day, 3 times a week prevented age-related shrinkage of the memory and emotion centers of the brain.

Then there is the bonus effect for students submersed in worry and stress: Walking leads to the release of endorphins, your body’s “natural drugs.” You just feel better and achieve an inoculation against depression.  Also, you don’t need special equipment and you can use your lunchtime for a healthy walk followed by a quick, low-calorie snack if you’re worried about how tight those jeans are getting.

Try Isometric Exercises In Our Furnished Apartments for Rent

Isometric exercises allow you to sit still and use the natural muscle resistance in your body without stretching. When practiced regularly, they get you in tune with the tension in your body to the point where you can release your tension. They are gentle and designed to be done slowly. Information on isometric exercise examples are as near as your web browser. There is no need to leave our furnished apartments for rent to do these isometric exercises.

Try this one from to reduce neck muscle tension: Place your hands behind your head and lock your fingers together. Push your head back and hold for a minimum of 5, but not to exceed 7 seconds.

Too Busy to Exercise? You can find 10 minutes…

Your exercise goals should focus on cardio and strength enhancement. You actually don’t have to devote a full 20 minutes in a gung-ho to an exercise regimen. A more reasonable approach is to devote what time you have to your best advantage: walking more often, passing up the elevator in favor of the stairs, etc. But you can do more, and in 10-minute spurts.

Here are some suggestions: walking faster than normal, running or speed walking up stairs, using a medium-sized hill as a challenge. Try to schedule gym time and head for the nearest exercise machine for a 10-minute strenuous workout before that relaxing swimming session.

Your college years are a rehearsal in meeting the challenge of balancing your career with a fulfilling personal life. The best way to cope with tension and anxiety and enjoy a productive college experience in our furnished apartments for rent is to get a move on. A body in motion will put the mind at rest. A rested mind will be ready to connect the dots that make an educated person out of you.

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