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Considerate Roommates Find Student Housing a Pleasant Experience

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find student housingIf, in your quest to find student housing in New York City, you chose one of our double bedroom apartments, you and your roommate will be living at somewhat close quarters. You’ll need to make some compromises and agreements with your roommate and share your personal space to avoid the distracting tension that can spoil the best time of your life, your undergraduate years.

The 3 Rs of Being a Good Roommate When You Find Student Housing

1. Respect–The Mutual Variety

Familiarity doesn’t have to breed contempt after you find student housing. You only need to apply the Golden Rule and treat your roommate as you want to be treated. You can foster mutual respect through your own considerate bavior. For example, when your roommate is trying to get to sleep or is studying, lay off the loud conversations and just keep the noise down.

Being considerate, however, doesn’t extend to sharing clutter and mess. Again, setting the example of just cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom and keeping your side of the bedroom picked up will influence an otherwise messy roommate towards more respectful behavior towards you.

Then there’s the respect for your roommate’s property and personal items. Always ask if you need to borrow a squeeze of toothpaste or a squirt of creamer for your morning coffee. Put back what you borrow and replace what you use. This will go a long way with your roommate when you find student housing.

2. Rules–Hitting the Ground Running

Setting ground rules based on mutual respect might sound a bit like Type A behavior, but doing so can diffuse a lot of tension and perplexing passive-aggressive incidents as those pet-peeve violations begin to mount up.

Some people simply cannot concentrate when others are carrying on nearby phone conversations. Others cannot bring themselves to lend personal items. What are your pet peeves? Make a list. Do they sound…uh… peevish?

So do this: Make a list of things you want to tell your roommate about and agree on the ground rules.  Be prepared to address and accommodate your roommate’s equally weird list.

3. Reality–Deal With It

At times personal example will fail, or your roommate simply cannot break old habits. The aforementioned application of the Golden Rule comes into play again, because what may seem to you as annoying to the extreme is really no big deal to your roommate.

Your options run from simply getting used to living with the annoying habits of your roommate–and recognizing that they really are minor–to having a serious conversation to determine whether you have irreconcilable differences.

Whichever route you take, stay away from accusing, nitpicking or meanness. Also be ready to take it after you dish it out, because, no one, not even a follower of the Golden Rule is perfect.

The Bottom Line When You Find Student Housing

If you work at it, you can find student housing apartment living with a roommate an incomparable life learning experience. Becoming an educated, morally centered and tolerant person are dots you can connect to all the rest of the knowledge you accumulate during your undergraduate years.

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