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The Best Brain “Food For Thought” Ideas for College Student Accommodations

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college student accommodationsOur college student accommodations have the privacy and comfort you need to help you study. After all, your job as a college student is to study, and you can do that job more efficiently with a healthy and focused brain. Eating well and wisely provides the fuel you need to do a better job. Stock your college student accommodations pantry with the following suggested food items.

7 Brain-healthy Diet Suggestions

Try these light meal or snack suggestions to feed your hungry brain and promote concentration and focus:

  1. A fatty/oily fish snack or sandwich. That would be salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards and kipper.

Fatty/oil fish has omega-3 fatty acids. Read all about omega-3 and how it helps in overall health as well as improving mental skills–thinking, remembering and learning–in this WebMD article.

  1. Add a leafy green vegetable for a salad or garnish:

Leafy green vegetables (the greener the leaf, the better) are chocked full of B-vitamins. You may remember reading that B-vitamins help memory and focus.

  1. For the best brain food veggie, stock up on avocados in your college student accommodations pantry.

Avocados promote and enhance blood flow to fire up those brain cells while you’re studying. Watching your weight? Well, avocados are full of fiber, and fiber holds those hunger pains at bay and helps you to avoid the “Freshman 15.”

  1. Sprinkle ground flax seeds on your favorite yogurt.

Flax seeds have two of the aforementioned brain-friendly elements: omega-3 and B-vitamins. The bonus is magnesium, which also aids in keeping the mind clear and focused. Plus, it helps with weight control.

  1. Add a glass of water and a cup of green tea

Drink water to improve focus and add that electrical charge that drives brain functions for thought and memory. Green tea has caffeine and l’theanine. Caffeine improves alertness, and l’theanine releases caffeine more slowly to prevent crashing.

  1. Throw in some fresh blueberries and just one ounce of nuts

Blueberries help your concentration and memory, an effect that lasts for about five hours as all those antioxidants help stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the brain. You only need about an ounce of nuts to get the antioxidant vitamin E and oils and fatty acids to improve focus.

  1. For an occasional and reasonably proportioned dessert, add a square of dark chocolate.

Again, studying is all about focus, and the chocolate that helps with that is the dark–not sugary or milky kind. Dark chocolate has the caffeine for the jolt, the magnesium for reducing stress, and it releases those friendly endorphins that put you in a good mood for studying.

Here’s your call to action¬†while living in college student accommodations:

If you want to study with more focus in your college student accommodations, you should eat more fatty fish, leafy green vegetables, avocados, flax seeds, nuts and reasonable amounts of dark chocolate. Drink lots of water, and if you can handle the caffeine, stock up on green tea.

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