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College Apartment Essentials Include Getting Ready for Cold Weather

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college apartment essentialsWinter in New York City can be bracing, but rarely in the deep-freeze category. Look for average low temperatures from December through February to dip from the low 30s to a frigid 26 degrees in January. So college students at our Manhattan Student Residence should bring along plenty of winter clothing as part of their college apartment essentials.

However, there’s more to coping with cold weather than just keeping warm. Humans are tropical creatures by inclination, if not by nature, and winter can be challenge to our resilience and just keeping well. Our bodies are telling us to hibernate and get ready for the spring semester, but tests and term papers place other priorities.

Here are five college apartment essentials for staying healthy and fit during the New York City winter months:

1. Get a flu shot.

Repeat: Get a flu shot. This one should be a no-brainer, but according to one Huffington Post article “only about 8 percent of college students received the flu vaccine in one recent year.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 200,000 people are hospitalized by the flu each year. The best-case scenario for students is that getting the flu puts you on the sidelines, and classes, assignments and tests do not wait.

2. Get more sleep.

Burning the midnight oil studying and socializing? You may have amassed a sleep debt, and winter is the ideal time to do the hibernating our tropical bodies crave. Winter is the natural time to sleep more because of its longer nights.

3.  Eat your veggies.

Instead of grabbing those sugary holiday treats, try nibbling just one and concentrate on healthy portions of sweet fruits like raisins and dates.  While your stocking up on college apartment essentials during the winter, don’t forget the plentiful winter vegetables like carrots, parsnips, and turnips.

4. Drink more milk; eat more cheese and yogurt.

Want to avoid that stuffy, runny, sneezy cold this winter? Like that flu shot, the proteins, calcium and vitamins in dairy products tune up your immune system. Go for the skimmed and low-fat selections.

5. Do some winter indoor exercising.

You don’t have to brave the cold and dark to stay in shape during the cold months. Fill up two water bottles or milk jugs and use them for weights for arm, shoulder, and back strength exercises. Try doing jumping jacks or stair climbing during TV commercials or study breaks. Looking for creative ideas? Tune into YouTube for some imaginative indoor workouts. Exercising is one of the easiest college apartment essentials you can perform.

The Last Word for College Apartment Essentials

Your winter bag of tricks for college apartment essentials include all those things that give you the energy to do your main job as a college student, which is to excel academically. While you’re at it, staying healthy and eating well are life habits that will take you far beyond your college days to a happy, productive life.

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