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The Best Brain “Food For Thought” Ideas for College Student Accommodations

Our college student accommodations have the privacy and comfort you need to help you study. After all, your job as a college student is to study, and you can do that job more efficiently with a healthy and focused brain. Eating well and wisely provides the fuel you need to do a better job. Stock […]

Student Housing Solutions: Avoiding the Freshman 15

Our New York apartments are great off-campus student housing solutions, and they have private cooking and food storage. That is a good thing, unless you cannot remain in the same room with potato chips without pigging out on the whole bag. You should probably go for the second best alternative in satisfying those crispy cravings […]

Choosing Between Student Apartment Rentals and Crowded Campus Dorm Life

If you are not going to live at home during your college years, you’ll need to decide between dorm living or student apartment rentals. Perhaps the idea of living on campus in the collegial collective of your fellow students might be appealing. After all, you’re on or very near your campus and getting to class […]