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Upper West Side Affordable Apartments for Rent Help Students Find a New Life Balance

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affordable apartments for rentCollege students quickly find themselves in a swirling world of conflicting priorities. Early-morning lectures, cramming for tests and finding time for socializing can be a juggling act that even the most dedicated student might find overwhelming. If you have decided to live in the Manhattan Student Residence affordable apartments for rent, you have taken an important first step in creating the balance you need for college success. Next, you need to get your priorities straight.

Balancing Academic Focus Comes First

There are only so many hours in the day that you can shop for affordable apartments for rent, or anything else for that matter. You have only a finite amount of energy to cope with the challenges that those hours bring. The average undergraduate needs to study at least two hours away from class for each unit credit. If you are carrying 12 credits per semester, you’ll need to budget your study time to find a full of day hitting the books. Focus is an important element here. If you’re studying for a biology test tomorrow, you must put aside worrying about the math homework due two days from now.

Write It Down (or Key It In)…And Let It Go For Now

If you tend to obsess on unfinished tasks (including finding affordable apartments for rent), it helps to write down what is bugging you on a calendar or a to-do list. The act of acknowledging the existence of a task and putting it into the perspective of what needs to be done first can impose a sense of order and dissipate all that debilitating worry energy.  The way to keep track of class times, homework assignments and test schedules is a matter of personal preference. Writing something down on a day planner seems to help in learning how to prioritize.  For the computer savvy, there are hundreds of cheap (and free) apps for your smartphone or laptop, and there are combinations of to-do lists and calendars you can integrate with your personal and social schedules.

Changing Your Mindset

Just like when you are shopping for affordable apartments for rent, sometimes you need to alter the game plan for your academic priorities. Whatever method you use to track your academic priorities, be willing to tweak, change or even discard something to find what works best for you. Remember that you are embarking on a new set of behaviors that involve patience, a slower approach and the postponement of gratification that accompanies doing first things first.

All Work and No Play Fries the Brain

Without any conscious effort your brain remembers, processes and allows you to access what you have imprinted through attending class, studying and whatever reinforcement habits work for you.  It happens unconsciously while you’re in a relaxed state, so if you’re feeling burnt out, get some rest and reward yourself. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve a social life.

Speaking of socializing, the Manhattan Student Residence affordable apartments for rent will balance your study regimen with a student-focused environment. When it’s time to put down the books, we have what you need to charge up your energy.

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