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Archives for October 2015

Luxury Student Housing Is Your HQ For the Best Academic Research Sites

A great advantage to living in our luxury student housing accommodations is its student-friendly and social atmosphere. There is, however, one repeating task in your undergraduate academic years that is challenging, independent and solitary: writing research papers. Writing is the final stage; research comes first. You can’t even begin writing the research paper until you […]

College Apartment Essentials Include Getting Ready for Cold Weather

Winter in New York City can be bracing, but rarely in the deep-freeze category. Look for average low temperatures from December through February to dip from the low 30s to a frigid 26 degrees in January. So college students at our Manhattan Student Residence should bring along plenty of winter clothing as part of their […]

Considerate Roommates Find Student Housing a Pleasant Experience

If, in your quest to find student housing in New York City, you chose one of our double bedroom apartments, you and your roommate will be living at somewhat close quarters. You’ll need to make some compromises and agreements with your roommate and share your personal space to avoid the distracting tension that can spoil […]

The Best Brain “Food For Thought” Ideas for College Student Accommodations

Our college student accommodations have the privacy and comfort you need to help you study. After all, your job as a college student is to study, and you can do that job more efficiently with a healthy and focused brain. Eating well and wisely provides the fuel you need to do a better job. Stock […]

Discover Your Unique Learning Style In Our 1 Bedroom Apartments

Our September 21, 2015 blog was all about study habits, and, as every college student knows, college is all about study. If there seems to be somewhat of a gap between your studying and how quickly you’re learning while hitting the books in our 1 bedroom apartments, you might want to make some study adjustments. […]

International Student Housing Is a Great Alternative for Visiting Students

The good news–or buena noticia, if you are an undergraduate student in Madrid–is that the Visiting Student Program at Columbia College is now accepting applications for the spring and fall admission. If you are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program outside the United States, you are eligible to apply.  Visiting foreign students will undoubtedly be […]