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Archives for August 2015

Why Pet Owner College Students Thrive In Our Pet Friendly Apartments

The biggest advantages of living off-campus in our pet friendly apartments are that you live off campus and we allow pets. That sentence may be a tautology, but it is not necessarily a useless repetition. When you consider the benefits of having your beloved pet accompany you through your busy and stressful college days, and […]

Student Mental Health: Our One Bedroom Apartment is a Sanctuary for Work and Contemplation

College students are those in-between creatures who have left (or are leaving) puberty and are on the verge of making some rather dauntingly mature decisions about their future. Superimposed on those challenges are the roiling pressures, anxieties, and worries of an overwhelming academic load many did not foresee as they coasted through their high school senior […]

Getting Past the Freshman Jinx In Apartments for College Students

Statistically speaking, new freshmen living in our West Side apartments for college students have about a 59 percent chance of completing their bachelor’s degree, according to one study by the NCHEMS Information Center. Gloomier news for city college freshman is that, according to the U.S. News & World Report Education website “as many as 1 […]

How to Find Off Campus Housing: Look for the Best Study and Social Environment

Want to know how to find off campus housing? Look for a place that promotes both a vibrant social and study environment. The latter can be in the privacy of your own separate apartment, or you might want to reach out and form or join a study group. Why form a study group? Perhaps your learning […]

You Don’t Have to be a Starving Student in College Student Housing: Eat Sensibly on a Budget

The full kitchens in our Manhattan college student housing facilities are there for a purpose. Dining out can be student’s budget buster, and if you try to go the junk food route on the cheap, you’ll get empty calories and put on weight. Follow these sensible suggestions to eat healthy and thrive during your precious […]

Upper West Side Affordable Apartments for Rent Help Students Find a New Life Balance

College students quickly find themselves in a swirling world of conflicting priorities. Early-morning lectures, cramming for tests and finding time for socializing can be a juggling act that even the most dedicated student might find overwhelming. If you have decided to live in the Manhattan Student Residence affordable apartments for rent, you have taken an […]