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Discover Your Unique Learning Style In Our 1 Bedroom Apartments

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1 bedroom apartmentsOur September 21, 2015 blog was all about study habits, and, as every college student knows, college is all about study. If there seems to be somewhat of a gap between your studying and how quickly you’re learning while hitting the books in our 1 bedroom apartments, you might want to make some study adjustments.

Take a learning style assessment

Take a moment from your study schedule in our 1 bedroom apartments and take the free online self-assessment at Education  Most students test out as favoring a combination of three learning styles, with one being dominant:

The auditory learner:

  • learns by listening
  • understands and remembers what is heard
  • stores information by way of sounds
  • can follow spoken instructions quicker than something on paper

If you’re an auditory learner, you should sit in class where you can hear, read directions and assignments out loud, and remember that you need to hear out loud what you need to learn in order to absorb the material. Our 1 bedroom apartments offer the privacy to read and repeat your class notes aloud.

The visual learner:

  • learns by reading and viewing illustrations
  • understands and remembers material by sight
  • pictures the material and learns best by using strategies that are primarily visual
  • likes to see what is being learned

If you’re a visual learner, like the auditory learner, you need to sit near the front of the classroom. Your note taking should focus on a strategy of visualization and rely on color-coding. You need to see what you are learning as well as hear it in order to learn well.

The tactile learner:

  • learns by touching and doing
  • understands and remembers material through physical movement
  • is a “hands-on” person who prefers to include physical activity in the learning experience
  • needs to be active, but requires frequent breaks

If you’re a tactile learner, your classroom learning experience needs to involve activities like volunteering for classroom teaching demonstrations. Your studying should include arranging flashcards in groups to help you see the relationships between ideas. Our 1 bedroom apartments will allow you to spread your flashcards out without bothering a roommate.

Spotting learning styles of your fellow students

Below are some behavioral traits that might help you find a study partner. According to Education Planner.Org :

  • Auditory learners tend to hum or talk to themselves when they become bored. People often mistake their behavior for not paying attention, but they are hearing and understanding everything that is going on around them.
  • Visual learners often close their eyes to visualize something to store in their memory banks. They sometimes have difficulty with spoken directions and can be easily distracted by sounds.
  • Tactile learners love taking things apart and putting them back together. They love to tinker, especially when they become bored. They easily remember what they have done, but not necessarily what they saw or heard in the process of recalling an event.

We have 1 Bedroom Apartments Available. Check us out!

Check out our 1 bedroom apartments at the Manhattan Student Residence.  Contact a leasing agent at (347) 619-2884 for more information today.

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